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Saturday and Sunday, June 5-6, 2021 (0900-1600 PST)... USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum (NI6IW) will be active, participating in Museum Ships Weekend. 

NI6IW will be on the air as one of the official ships in the Museum Ships Weekend (this is the annual exception to our 2nd Saturday rule). 

The total number of ships participating as of today is 73, a good number from all over the world! 

Amateur radio operators around the world will try making contacts with as many museum ships as they can over the weekend. It’s not a contest, but there is certainly intense interest and pride in confirming contacts with as many museum ships as you can. For more information:

NI6IW will be utilizing the PAPA System for D-Star Operations from 9am to 4pm PST, which is 1700 to 2400 UTC on the following PAPA repeaters:
Reflector 012A & PAPA D-STAR repeaters
PAPA Analog
All linked repeaters
Look for NI6IW on HF:
7.250 LSB
14.320 USB
14.070 PSK31
Various Frequencies CW

If you have worked NI6IW before, you will recall the operators rotate through the above repeaters for contacts. 

QSL Info: USS Midway CV-41 COMEDTRA NI6IW, 901 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101.

Michael J. Foley, K4MJF
Tellico Lake Amateur Radio Club Vice President
Smoky Mountain Amateur Radio Club
470 ARG