Slightly off topic

David Andrews

Hello fellow TLARC’ers,


This may be slightly off topic for the TLARC list, but since our personal finances allow us to buy nice toys for our hobby, I thought I’d pass this along. Last spring, as part of the havoc the coronavirus was having on our personal finances, the three major credit reporting agencies started offering free credit reports every week, instead of only once a year. This offer is scheduled to sunset at the end of April.


This is a great time to pull your reports, check for errors or omissions, make the corrections, and confirm they have been applied properly, without having to pay or wait another year to confirm. Go to to start the process. This is the site authorized by federal law, not a site that tries to trick you into buying a service. If you need to enter payment information, you have veered off course; this is free.


I hope this helps you, it certainly helped me.


73, N1ESK