[NAQCC-News] NAQCC Anniversary Celebration begins Saturday

Juan Lopez

This a  one week event. Consider participating. I will be using callsign N3A/4 and N3A/KP4. Come find me near the QRP calling frequencies on 40 and 80 meters throughout the week.


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Our NAQCC 16th Anniversary fun starts this Saturday when operators from all over the United States and Puerto Rico will begin putting our special event N3A/# callsign on the air.  The action starts at 0000Z, October 11, and you will have a week to hunt them down and maybe earn some nice wallpaper.  Of course all operations will be QRP/CW and will generally be found near the usual HF QRP watering holes.  Specific times and frequencies will be posted at  http://www.naqcc.info/spot_schedule.php <http://www.naqcc.info/spot_schedule.php> and you should check that page often since it will be frequently updated with new spots.

And don’t forget the special anniversary sprint on Tuesday, and the month-long anniversary challenge.  Some great prizes will be given away to lucky member participants in both of those fun events.

You can find more information on our Anniversary Celebration page at http://www.naqcc.info/main_n3a.html <http://www.naqcc.info/main_n3a.html> as well as in the latest club newsletter (http://www.naqcc.info/newsletter_current.pdf <http://www.naqcc.info/newsletter_current.pdf>).

Have fun and 73!

Paul - N8XMS
100% QRP CW
Past President of the NAQCC
http://www.naqcc.info/ <http://www.naqcc.info/>

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