Music throughout the house using FM

George N2APB

Hey TLARC’ers-


While up in PA over the long ‘holidays’, I had plenty of time to think on a favorite topic:  Getting music (or my ham radio speakers) to play easily throughout the house wherever I might be … radio room, basement workshop, garage woodshop, rear patio, et al. 


In a nutshell (and looking at my diagram below), the solution I came up with involves connecting the audio output of my favorite internet radio (Grace Digital) to an inexpensive little 200mW FM transmitter which in turn sends the music to a “FM box” that plays it anywhere in the house.  Then by placing one of these inexpensive FM receiver boxes in any room I wish, I can listen to fairly good quality music play near-effortlessly.


Further making this a seamless solution, my iPhone remotely controls the Grace Digital internet radio from anywhere in the house.  I can select any of the ‘apps’ that reside on the internet radio and play SiriusXM, iHeart, Pandora, Spotify, etc, or even play the MP3 music I have on the 5GB thumb drive plugged into the back of the Grace.  Nice, eh?  Icing on the cake is that I can also play music directly from the iPhone to any FM box using Bluetooth wireless connection, if desired.  Great for when we entertain on the patio and a guest wants to play his/her own music for us all.


The enabler for this solution came about when I came across the TAMPROAD 20W portable Bluetooth & FM stereo speaker.  I immediately bought a couple of these nifty little boxes and tried it all out together yesterday upon returning home to Tennessee this weekend … works great!  


Just thought some of you TLARC members might also enjoy building your own “Whole House Music” system.  Links for this and the other two components are provided below. 


73, George N2APB


PS:  BTW, the input to the FM transmitter could easily be your ham station receiver.

PPS:  I checked with the TLARC listmaster and this qualifies as a ham-related topic.


FM Transmitter … <>


FM Receiver Box … <>


Grace Digital Internet Radio … <>