"Look Ma, KN4DUA is now a bonefide QRP member of NAQCC!"

George N2APB

Well, it's official, we are now a member of NAQCC ... a very cool-and-fun national QRP group that sponsors a month-long "challenge" ... every month! 

The National QRP CW Club (NAQCC) sponsors these challenge events throughout the year based on using the letters in the stations contacted to fill out a "bingo card-like" grid in order to construct a set of words related by the monthly theme. See the RULES paragraph to learn how these wacky challenges work!  (The bingo card worksheet is a way to track progress, as shown in the tutorial.)

See the attached certificate ... headed straight for the "KN4DUA Wall of Fame"!

George N2APB  (NAQCC # 9133)
Juan AC6ZM (NAQCC #9722)