KN4DUA activation TODAY for FBYO Winter QRP Contest! (2-Feb)

George N2APB

Yes, it's rather short notice, but it's SO nice outside that a couple of us decided to activate the TLARC club call for the annual FYBO ("Freeze Your Butt Off") QRP Winter Field Day event! 

We'll be located in plain site up at our favorite spot overlooking the Ft. Loudon Dam, on the "grassy knoll" by the power station.  This event occurs each year on the first Saturday of February, which is usually a cold winter day .. but we got a wonderful gift today with a break from our cold temperatures and we're grabbing our field antennas and headin' for the hills! 

It's a real fun event for CW or phone ... and it's easy:  any, contact counts, even if the other is not FYBO'ing! 

So stop by anytime between 1-3 or so this afternoon to watch, to listen, to make a contact for the club, or to just FYBO in the glorious sunshine today!

72, George N2APB
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George N2APB

Brief wrap-up ... It was indeed a great afternoon and the bands were alive with the MN State QP, FISTS, FOC, and other activities ... but it was still a struggle working them with only 5 watts.  The Joy of QRP!

That said, I was able to make enough contacts and point to (hopefully) get a certificate for KN4DUA operation in this fun event!  See some pics on the TLARC home page.

73, George N2APB
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