Keeping everyone on the same page...

David Andrews

Good evening,


I received word that there may be someone confused as to the plans for tomorrow evening. The pre-meeting dinner will be at the Z Fish House, 846 Mulberry Street in Loudon at 5:00. This gives time to eat and shoot the breeze, with time to travel to the Chota Rec Center for the meeting at 7:00 PM. The meeting is NOT at Z Fish House.


This is the final meeting before Field Day, which is this weekend. Come to the meeting top get the latest updates on operating schedule, set-up and breakdown times, and all the other tidbits and details.


So far, we’ve received word that the following folks will be in attendance:


David Andrews

Jeanette Andrews

David Schoenherr

Mike Wagner

Gidget Wagner (hopefully)

Juan Lopez

Tom Sullivan


If you’re not on this list and wish to join us, just shoot me an email (n1esk1@...) and I’ll add you to the list.


See you tomorrow,


David Andrews, N1ESK