Handheld Multimeter+Oscilloscope

George N2APB

FYI ... I follow some informative lists for test and measurement and came across someone describing a good and inexpensive "handheld multimeter with an oscilloscope and waveform generator."  It's good to 40 MHz, which makes it nice for work in our HF projects:

Hantek 2C42 … <https://www.amazon.com/Hantek-Oscilloscope-Multimeter-Dual-channel-Scopemeter/dp/B07LBS8BM9/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=hantek+2c42&qid=1565279215&s=hi&sr=8-1>

Read the ham's review of the 2C42 is below.   I will be getting this instrument for portable use when the equipment is too far away from my project bench.  (Maybe even for use in showing a single-board FT8 transceiver in action at a coming meeting ;-)

73, George


Hantek 2C42 Oscilloscope On-The-Bench

Searching around for a hand-held O'scope with more capability than the neat little 200kHz versions, e.g., JYE Tech, I came across the Hantek 2000 series scopes.

I bought the 2C42 version from Amazon. The Amazon prices, in most cases, are much less than those found elsewhere, and free shipping with no hassle returns.

Also, I have a function generator with more features and functions than the Hantek AWG so I chose the basic version

Negative reviews were mostly that the scopes didn't compare well to their $$$$ Rigols and Tektroncs

One negative for my aging brain only is the menu structure. So I spent some time mapping them. At last count, in addition to those described in the Hantek manual, I mapped 47 menus and sub-menus. I've created two drawing pages detailing the maps.

For my projects and experiments, I'm more than pleased with the 2C42 version and it fits nicely on my desk without a lot of cable-clutter.

A sine wave test of frequency response provided a useful signal to 60 MHz the limit of my function generator. I haven't made any attempt yet to determine accuracy.

BTW, Circuit Specialists has a good presentation of the 2D72 70MHz version. A lot of detail that's not provided by other suppliers.