GPS Clock - improved antenna ground place

George N2APB

To: TLARC Users of the Midnight Precision Clock


Late last year we conducted a group workshop at which about twelve TLARC members gathered at my QTH and successfully assembled their Midnight Precision Clock (MPC) Kits as part of a beta run I was having.  We had a ball assembling them (see photos on the TLARC and MPC websites), and others later purchased kits for their kit building fun on their own.


This summer we started adding a small copperclad board to the kit serving to improve GPS reception with the internally-mounted GPS antenna.  Here is the installation one-sheeter we now reference in the kit ... <>, and I’ve added the link for the GPS Antenna Ground Plane on the MPC home page ... <>.


The two GPS-based clocks that I have are indispensable to me here:  One is an integral part of my station showing UTC time, shack temp and Maidenhead coordinates, and the other clock is upstairs next to the television showing accurate local time at a glance.


Gee, I wonder what we’ll build at this year’s Workshop?  (Hmmm … I actually have a couple of ideas! <smile>)


73, George N2APB