Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about SOTA

Brad (the Voice of the Village) Berger

Here is a lot of good information on SOTA (Summits On The Air). Summits On The Air is a scheme that encourages amateur radio operators to go portable and work from high places around the country, and around the world – You don’t need to be a mountaineer to take part, and if the idea of climbing mountains and hills in the name of amateur radio doesn’t appeal, then you can be a ‘chaser’ sitting comfortably at home working the more adventurous SOTA operators. My friend Ken KD9PPH in Spfld. IL sent this to me.

Thanks guys having me present my SOTA gear/antennas etc ...here’s the links to topics in my show Please note: I’m no expert or EE but just an experimenter at heart and this is where I stole my intel on how to make my EFHWs and traps etc ...so to speak!  Have fun, Steve/wGOAT (WG0AT)
EFHW 49:1 transformers - warning this is a deep topic (was for me?) with many opinions on how to do it! 
I highly recommend watching Adam's video on how to make a trap first before attempting one
Adam/K6ARK DIY Traps for EFHW  (video) https://youtu.be/-qfCQTZSIus

LC Resonance Calculators:https://www.daycounter.com/Calculators/LC-Resonance-Calculator.phtml


Toroid inductance calculator:


Best Random wire lengths to use with a 9:1 unun (29’  35.5’  41’  58’  71’  84’) used on my KX2/3-w/internal ATU Not to confused with the above EFHW 49:1 Xformers  

http://www.hamuniverse.com/randomwireantennalengths.html (note: scroll down to green text or read the whole page!)

Also here’s a very good presentation by John/K1JD who built a 5-band trapped EFHW for his SOTA adventures

Brought to you courtesy of the Voice of the Village.