A QRP Field Ops Adventure, by K0RGI and N2APB

George N2APB

Jim K0RGI and George N2APB took to the field on a fine and sunny 83-deg, low-humidity day last Saturday ... Why?  Because we could, and it was the most glorious spring day we've had yet this year! 

We went to the TVA Park on Tellico Lake, located near on the boat launch area one normally sees on the right when you turn left onto the ramp heading to Maryville. Birds in-air, boats lazily en route to some swimming hole, and a mini-park with picnic benches, parties in progress under shelters and kids splashing in a roped-off area.

We had our usual antennas unobtrusively set up (Jim's PAC-12 mini vertical and George's 4'-diameter magnetic loop) and nobody bothered us.  Not even bugs!  Over the course of about several hours we made a good handful of contacts, ranging from PA to CA (and even an LA8 in Czechoslovakia!), then we packed up to go home. A fine outing it was indeed!

George N2APB & Jim K0RGI

PS:  Be sure to see the photos on the TLARC website to get a flavor that only scratches the surface of our outing.  There's even a short video ... click on it to download "" to your local computer's Download folder, then double-click the  file to play it.


George N2APB

PPS:  In case you don't have it bookmarked, our TLARC website is at