Interests & Capabilties within TLARC

George N2APB

With the wonderful influx of new (and existing) hams to the TLARC club, I thought I'd report some neat information contained in a "Member Survey" that we did a year or two ago.  Really interesting results show the wide diversity of skills and knowledge that we have in TLARC!

The next step had always been planned to take this granular information from the individual survey responses (while maintaining confidentiality) and provide a 'directory'-of-sorts that all of us can use to find others of like interest ... to help us find technical or operational answers, find others of like interests, or just see what projects others have going on in their shacks or backyards.

I'm thinking this will come soon and when ready we can get it onto our website for all to use.

73, George N2APB
TLARC 'CIS' (Chief Information Subordinate)