Xmas Party deferred until 2021

michael J. foley

Thank you you the early notification. Although the wife and I were looking forward to seeing everyone, it is completely understandable. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the ZOOM session, and hearing everyone "on the air"!

Mike, K4MJF

David Andrews



Following discussions yesterday between the current TLARC officers, the decision was made to cancel the TLARC Christmas Party next Wednesday. COVID-19 cases are up significantly in Tellico Village and the surrounding county. Loudon County has had a 17-18% testing positivity rate. New cases have increased from 3400 new cases two weeks ago to 7984 today. These conditions are not conducive to having 15-20 of us together.


Since we won’t be out and about Wednesday night, we WILL have a weekly TLARC radio net and a Zoom session instead. KV4XY will be NCS and KF4DKW will log. Please note your calendar; we hope to hear and see you next week.


Warmest regards,


David Andrews, N1ESK, outgoing TLARC Secretary