GCA contest Saturday/Sunday


Hi everyone,

We're 95% setup at God's Cozy Acres for the 160m Stew Perry contest tomorrow.  The 160m antenna is up and the original beverage antenna has been repaired with a new run of wire and insulators.

I talked to our contest advisor today (Juan) and he suggested that our optimum time for this event would be between 7PM Saturday and 9AM Sunday.

I'll be working the night shift myself; if anyone else would like to stop on by the location is the GPS coordinates that Brad sent in an earlier message.  There used to be two flags out in front by the driveway; those are gone so you'll have to look for a gate.  We'll have an HT on the TLARC repeater but in certain spots we can't get into the repeater as well as you can from the road.  So try us on the repeater output (say you're on the output) if you get close and need someone by the road to flag you down.

There's no plans for meals out there since this contest is short. The smaller building has a kitchen and running water.  It'll also be used for sleeping so if you need a bathroom break at 8AM please sneak in and out as some of us may have just gone to sleep.  :)  The larger building has electric and a nice wood stove upstairs so it'll stay cozy.

Hope to see some of you out there tomorrow.  We have a PC running a decoder like last year.  So if you're new to CW, come out and see out a less commonly used band.