Great Story with Video

Juan Lopez

Sam Howard


Thanks this is indeed a great story.  There is more. The KPH WSPR receiver is generally one of the top 10 reporters in the US/Canada.  They have even heard KV4XY.

73 Sam KV4XY


The Maritime Radio Historical Society operates the historic coast station SAN FRANCISCO RADIO/KPH, with a transmitter site in Bolinas, CA and a receive site on Point Reyes. We operate using all the original equipment in service at the time the station closed as a commercial coast station in 1997. Beginning today, we will be running WSPR, receive only, and posting our spots to the database. We plan on focusing on the new amateur MF allocation in the USA. We have excellent receive capabilities on MF so we look forward to hearing many of you as this new band opens to regular amateur service in the USA in the next few days. Fair Winds and Following Seas 73 BV DE MRHS SANFRANCISCORADIO/KPH! For more info about MRHS, see: