FW: Auxiliary Communicators of Tennessee - New 'Hands-Free' Law, and Mobile Amateur Radio

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Good Morning MCARC Members,


I researched this the other day regarding the meaning of the law as it pertains to our radio use and noted the exception for Ham radio.  Unfortunately, some law enforcement officers seem to be unaware of the exception as noted below in an MTEARS email I received this morning.  Good advice.


Gary  W3GME


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Subject: Auxiliary Communicators of Tennessee - New 'Hands-Free' Law, and Mobile Amateur Radio
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I received reports of Amateur Radio Operators being stopped by law enforcement officers who are apparently unaware of Ham Radio’s exemption to the new Hands-Free Law which went into effect today.


It would be helpful to carry in your vehicle a printed copy of the new law (and a copy of your FCC License) so you can show the Officer should you be pulled over.


Amateur Radio equipment have been specifically exempted from the law in Section 1 a 3:


-        “Wireless telecommunications device" means a cellular telephone, a portable telephone, a text-messaging device, a personal digital assistant, a stand-alone computer, a global positioning system receiver, or substantially similar portable wireless device that is used to initiate or receive communication, information, or data. "Wireless telecommunications device" does not include a radio, citizens band radio, citizens band radio hybrid, commercial two-way radio communication device or its functional equivalent, subscription-based emergency communication device, prescribed medical device, amateur or ham radio device, or in-vehicle security, navigation, autonomous technology, or remote diagnostics system.


The Officer may or may not accept the documentation, but it's worth a try to avoid fighting the ticket at a later date.


Here is the link to the State of Tennessee’s House Bill 164:




Offer it as information, not an argument, as we are all ambassadors for Amateur Radio.


Talk to you soon,


Elizabeth St. Vincent


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