Coax For Field DAy

David Schoenherr

Speaking with Juan regarding the site set up we would like to have 500' of coax available for getting set up.

The plan is to have all 3 stations indoors (air conditioned).

I'm need to get that dropped off at my house in the next week or so.  It will be clearly marked with your call sign before it is taken to the site.
I will have a supply of duck tape to mark & secure as needed.

I also need someone with a truck to stop by here early enroute to the site for set up.

Please include in your response how many Feet you can supply.

Thanks in advance; David Schoenherr    124 Santee Way, Loudon   Ph# 262-853-0026

Tim KE4OTZ Montgomery

I probably have enough to do that, but I'm wondering why are we setting up the other 2 stations inside? Where are we running the coaxes to? Part of field day is for emergency planning. If we get called out during an emergency we may not have the luxury of air conditioning to operate in. I know more than just me will be using my station, but I would rather be outside. I will let you know tomorrow afternoon how much extra coax I have.



What kind of coax? RG8, 8X?!? Let me see what I have here and how many feet.....

And I agree with Tim, Field Day is about emergency planning, and being able to work out in the field, possibly in the worst conditions imaginable. I think we need at least one station outside.
Michael J. Foley, K4MJF
Tellico Lake Amateur Radio Club
470 ARG