Re: Cell coverage for Tellico Village area?


Hi George, just us here.

I used to work at Sprint for 12 years designing cell site locations, CW testing, data collection, etc.  So some "words of wisdom".  :)

Pretty much when the build outs started years ago, you could put a new tower (average price $250k) pretty much within a general area you wanted--eventually.  As more providers came into the markets, neighborhoods start to push back and say "can't you just go on that AT&T tower over there?"

So what you end up with is that several providers are all in the same spot at various heights.  Someone like Verizon with lots of $ would have to break out of the norm and put smaller microcells around such as on tall buildings, lamp posts, etc.  5G has a strong push in fact to add 4x the cell sites as there are now since the coverage area is much smaller.

Indoor repeaters can work, if they are good ones.  There were a lot of junk ones out there and the one good one I remember is Spotwave. You get what you pay for of course.  :)


On 10/10/2020 10:06 AM, George N2APB wrote:
Currently have Verizon and wishing to change. Thoughts on which supplier has better coverage here in TV? (If it matters, we have iPhones, not Android.)

George N2APB


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