Cell coverage for Tellico Village area?

Gary Stickel

I agree with Mike Foley. Verizon has the best national coverage. The Village-area coverage leaves something to be desired. Especially in/ near Mialaquo , where are you can hardly get a signal in some areas. Verizon claims no one will deed them the land to put up another tower. Or no one wants a cell tower in their backyard.  Yeah, right. The truth is: They cost money.
If you’re not getting good reception in your home, do what I did: I got a “Network Extender“. (“mini-cell tower box” in your home that connects through VoIP.). Works fine.
Otherwise, on the road, I don’t think you’ll find a better cell phone company for coverage. But YMMV....
I’m curious: what’s the deficiency is that is making you want to change, George?

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Verizon has better coverage in the area compared to the other carriers. AT&T is just lacking, Sprint is worse. US Cellular has almost as much coverage area as Verizon. T-mobile, Cricket and the others.......might as well get 2 tin cans and a string! 

I have had Verizon for better than 20 years and have coverage in places that other carriers don't. 

One thing you have to factor in is the shear distance that Tellico Village is from most of the cell towers. I've yet to drop a call when in the Village. 

Maybe you need to look into a device to boost the signal in your home. I know several that have them.....

Just a thought......


On Sat, Oct 10, 2020, 10:06 AM George N2APB <n2apb@...> wrote:
Currently have Verizon and wishing to change. Thoughts on which supplier has better coverage here in TV?  (If it matters, we have iPhones, not Android.)

George N2APB

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