Re: Interesting Ham Website K9LJB

George N2APB

What a wonderful walk down boatanchor memory lane!  I do indeed recognize all the gear he’s had over the years and even had many of them myself. Even the Model 15 RTTY unit and the TA-33 Jr at 55’!  He was quite the builder too - the homebrewed ‘Collins’ receiver looks amazing. 

Thank you Brad. And BTW, I’m hoping for a zoom presentation sometime from you young hotshots on getting going with one of those fancy new digital mode HTs you guys are using for Wires-X networking. 

73, George

On Oct 9, 2020, at 10:24 AM, Brad (the Voice of the Village) Berger <km4ojk@...> wrote:

The other evening through the magic of WIRES-X I participated on a net in Spfld. IL. (An old stomping ground) One of the hams on the net was Roger Whitaker K9LJB and both he and his wife are old time operators. The links below take you to his website which I found interesting and it also takes you on a tour through the history of equipment that has come and gone in his shack. How many radios do you recognize?


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