Testing October 17

Joyce Tarbell

TLARC will conduct testing for FCC licensing.


WHEN:  Saturday October 17 at 10:00 a.m.


WHERE:   In the garage of David Andrews, N1ESK

                124 Depew Drive


    in Tellico Village



--From Highway 444, turn on to Sequoyah Road at the sign for the Yacht Club/Chota Shores/Tanasi Shores.

-- Turn left on Mingo Drive (first left)

--Turn left on Mingo Way (first left)

-- Turn right on Depew Drive (second right)


BRING:  A mask

             Pencil and pen

             Photo ID

             $10 cash or check payable to WCARS (Western Carolina Amateur Radio Society)


LET US KNOW YOU’RE COMING.  Let Allan or Joyce Tarbell know, so we can have test materials available for you.

            Allan – atarbell@...

            Joyce – joycetarbell@...

            Phone 865-458-8040

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