Re: Two new members

mike wagner

Hey fellas, Welcome!
Any questions do not hesitate to reach out. A wealth of knowledge is at your fingertips with the members we have in the club.

If ya got a fav recipes, send it on over to David, KF4DKW, we are putting a cookbook together for TLARC to generate funds for a charity.

Also, we are always lookin for volunteers to act as NCS (net control station) and logger for the Wednesday nite TLARC Net on the 442.100 (k1at repeater) No worries, we have a preamble for ncs and a logging program we can get ya set up on. We also will instruct on ops. Just drop me an e mail at and we may get ya on the schedule in no time. After you attend a few nets you will have an idea, if you have not attended a net previously. Nothin is set in stone, so if ya need to make a change In the schedule (once in a slot) let me know and we shall accommodate. Also I will schedule training for y’all prior to your scheduled net. This applies to any volunteer. The more the marrier.

Again welcome.
Here ya on the air waves.

KK6OKUnicorn 🦄
Tellico Lake Amateur Radio Club
Loudon County ARES

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