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Welcome Ralph and Eric!
If you can handle fun and crazy people that have great knowledge of ham radio then this is the place to be. I think Ralph has already seen that on our zoom sessions.


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Welcome aboard gentlemen!

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Ralph & Eric,


Welcome to the gang!  If you look down our TLARC web page you’ll see many of the different activities highlighted that our members are involved in.  Whether you like ragchewing by phone or CW on the HF bands, contesting, phone, antenna building and experimentation, homebrewing, kitbuilding, satellite QSOs, EME/moonbounce, or just hanging with us on the repeater, you are bound to find someone who shares those interests with you!  All you need to do is let us know or ask for some help.


When you get a chance, if you could each tell us a little about yourself, where you come from and what your general expectations are in ham radio, we could get to know you a bit better!


Nice to have you with us.


73, George N2APB


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Subject: [TLARC] Two new members


We have two new members to welcome. Ralph Monserrat KM4TUY and Eric Ressler KD8LHZ. Ralph holds an Extra class license while Eric is a Technician. Please join me in welcoming them to our group. You’ll see their faces on our Zoom sessions, hear their call signs on the air, and hopefully will be around when we meet in person next, possibly in September.


David N1ESK

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