Accessing FCC licensing data records will change soon

George N2APB

Hi all,

First of all, you can IGNORE THIS EMAIL if you been using a 3rd-party service to renew or update your Amateur Radio license.

Otherwise, many of us have been using the FCC "ULS" website to renew our licenses, change addresses, names, etc ... and we will soon (next March) have to access to the FCC User Registration site through the CORES (Commission Registration Service).  We can go ahead now and set that connection to the new CORES site.  In the end, it will really not be a lot different than it is now, except we won't be able to go directly to to view/change/update our licenses.

To create your CORES id, and associate it with your FRN, take these steps:  

1) First, find your FRN number associated with your license, which you can find by looking yourself up on ... Click on the Details tab, then on the button for VIEW FCC LICENCE, and you'll see your 10-digit FRN number in the Licensee field.  Save this FRN number for later use in step 5 below.

2) Next visit  and look for the middle box labeled "Need a Username?" that has a Register button in the middle.  Click on that Register button.  

3) Fill out the short form, which basically requires only an email address as your user name, and your full name.    I suggest using the same email address as you have for your current FRN access.  

4) An email will be sent to you to confirm your user ID.  Click on that confirmation link and 
login again at  This time, select the left box to log in.  

5) You should see a list of options on this page:  Select the first option: Associate Username to FRN   Then follow directions to link your registered username to your FRN found in Step 1.

Sounds complex, right?  Well, it's the government!

73, George N2APB 

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