Fun QRP event on Sunday: The 'Pig Out'

George N2APB

Here's a forward from the Flying Pigs QRP list concerning their fun annual event called the “Pig Out”, happening Sunday afternoon from 1:00-4:00 ET. 


I’ll be playing along.  If anyone new to ‘field ops’ wants to join me (at dual arms-length) to see or try QRP-in-action, you will be most welcome!  I’ll be using my Elecraft KX1 and an EFHW, either from my back yard or over at the Dam Overlook Park.


72, George N2APB

TLARC Field Nut, Member-in-Good-Sitting



QRP Contest this Sunday - FPqrp "Pig Out"

From Diz w8diz

OK...we have made an executive decision...

The Official name of the contest this Sunday is the "Pig Out" (tnx to John, M0JBA for suggestion)

Look for the contest info at

Preliminary rules and info:

This is a 4 hour fun event on Sunday July 26 2020.

Object: Work as many CW contacts as possible;
Multiplier points for working Flying Pigs
and working Flying Pigs not at their home QTH.

Contest period: 1700 to 2100 UTC

Bands: 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters CW only.

If FPqrp member using normal Home QTH station, send RST and FPqrp# and X2; i.e. 559 NR1234 "x2"
else if FPqrp member using Field station, send RST and FPqrp# and "X5" ; i.e. 559 NR2345 "x5"
else send RST and Power; i.e. 559 5W

Entry Categories: None

There is only one power levels: QRP - no more than 5 watts

Scoring: Score is number of QSOs per Band with/without FPqrp# and Field multipliers

Special bonus points: None

To Enter: Post your score via the AUTOLOG within 15 days of the event (July 26, 2020).


oo-Diz, W8DIZ, FP#-1



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