Testing Session

Jacob Lindsey ( KN4YAV ) and Kayla Lindsey ( KO4DEG )

Hey Everyone!

I enjoy this I.O. page, great way to communicate and keep the group informed. Especially helps those like me on 2nd shift, who cant make the meetings and such.

So, i was wanting to see if we could set up a testing session sometime in the next bit? Im unsure of a more, if there are any, formal way to ask the group. I do recall Allan (K1AT) and Joyce (K1JAT) assisting in the testing process, so if you all have any time to respond i would really appreciate it!

So far i have my father Larry Lindsey and my daughter Jade Lindsey that are ready and further preparing to test. And with regards to the ongoing corona virus, maybe 3 more people could test too? Assuming we can/do decide to set up a date.

Thanks everyone for reading and any information or assistance! Hope you all have a great day and week

Jacob Lindsey

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