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There is a spot on the connector between Kingston Street ( where I live ) and 321 that has an excellent view of the horizon pretty much in all directions, especially East and West. 

Take 321 towards I-75, turn left onto Town Creek Blvd, go straight at the light at Cotton Mill Blvd, there is a pull off on both side of the road at the crest of the hill. It's a undeveloped area for shopping, lots of open land. Little to no street lights except for outlying areas.....

Lenoir City Police, and sometimes TN Hiway Patrol sit up there and shoot radar in both directions, so you may find an officer up there......

Happy hunting!


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Good info Michael, thank you!  Should be good viewing tonight if we can find a place high enough to look close to the NW horizon.  (Trees are in the way at most of my known spots.)  Will try viewing tonight at the top of Watt Rd just before the road descends to intersect with Rt 40. 


Anyone have other suggested high spots with good views to the NW?  (Around Tellico Lake area?)


Here is a larger view of what you posted …


73, George N2APB

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Found this on the WBIR Facebook page and thought I'd share this with the group......

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