Re: Fw: Catering Menu for Jan. 12th


IMHO, that's rather steep, considering what we are getting. Mind you, the food is good, but I don't think it's worth the extra expense. For $20 a meal, I would expect Calhoun's or Texas Roadhouse. Same menu as last year? Or different fare?!?

Did you call Calhoun's on the lake and see what they offered? I know there is the cost of renting the room but you get it back if more than 25 rent the room. From what I gathered at the last meeting, we'll have that with no problems. 

And a suggestion, if you'll indulge me, have you contacted Romeo's on 72 in Loudon? They do have a large room that would hold 95 people. And the food is marvelous!

Thank you for your efforts!

Best regards,

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