FW: Upcoming W4OLB Repeater Change

Sam Howard

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Subject: FW: Upcoming W4OLB Repeater Change
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Subject: Upcoming W4OLB Repeater Change


Please be aware SMARC will be making a slight change to the repeater in the next week or so. For most of you there will not be any changes in programming as the frequency of the repeater will not change nor will the required 100Hz tone for access.


For some, who make use of the CTCSS (PL) tone squelch, the programming of your radio will be required. The repeater will soon be transmitting a 167.9 Hz CTCSS tone vs. the present 100 Hz. If you don't use this feature then there is nothing you need to do. If however you do use it then you will need to make this change.


So, why is this necessary? Many of you have heard the offending noise on the repeater. it is coming from a distant repeater and this offending signal holds the repeater transmitter in transmit during the end of transmission tail. The W4OLB repeater makes use of the tone to activate the patch to the KK4XA DMR repeater. Also, some use it it control noise at their location, such as myself from my solar system.


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