tlarc weekly net and log volunteers

Mike Wagner



Good Day All,


TLARC is currently canvasing for club members to volunteer to take the role of Net Control Station (NCS) on Wednesdays at 1900 hours local. No fear, please find the attached TLARC NCS Preamble. This is a fun and exciting role to initiate familiarity with being a NCS, Communication for regulated operation, emergency operation and other HAM related topics.


Also, volunteers to log for a Net are also needed on a weekly basis. Again, no fear, all who have served as a NCS or logger will help in anyway. There is also an online program to log through, this auto fills the information once a call sign is input.


I would ask that volunteers please respond to me at KK6OKU@... with available dates you could volunteer for and I shall endeavor to complete a calendar to let all know what dates assignments would be for both logging and NCS.


As unforeseen circumstances arise, it is encouraged to ask for swap days from the list of fellow volunteers (once completed) for the benefit of issues that arise and may prevent you from completing a NCS controlled net or log.  There is always someone out there to help.


Thank you all for your help and support.


Mike Wagner






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