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George N2APB

Very cool and informative PDF documents are online at their Course Outline page … just click the links listed there to download the slide decks.


“Effective Low Band Receiving Antennas”

“2020 Solar Cycle Update and the HF Response to Ionospheric Storms and Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances”

“Everything You Need to Know About USB and Serial Interfaces”

“Exuberance and Youth Contesting – Update on What is Going On”

“Digital Contesting Hints & Kinks”

“Optimizing your Station for Contest Operations”

“Grounding & Bonding for Contest Stations”

“Contest & DX Performance A Complex Subject Today:  Great RX Performance – TX Limitations”

“60 Years of Competitive Contesting — the W3LPL Story”


To get these PDFs è Start by clicking the CONTEST UNIVERSITY image at the top of the TLARC web page, then click the Course Outline link.


GREAT documents are there!!


73, George N2APB


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Starts tomorrow via Zoom.


Register at



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