Re: Digital Modes Help


Hi Roger,

Many of us will use FLDIGI for the older digital modes, and WSJT-X for the newer digital modes.  I'm not familiar with that software you name, but if you're not decoding anything is there a reverse button?  Sometimes the signals needs to be flipped depending on your radio i.e. for RTTY this is sometimes an issue.

Here are the two links I have for those programs.


On 4/26/2020 4:40 PM, Roger Calendine wrote:
I am trying to use  Multipsk to explore digital modes other than psk31.  Not having any favorable results.  In other words, I need HELP.  I can see/hear different signals in the waterfalls,  but I haven't been able to decode anything.  My internet searches so far have not been  enlightening.  Perhaps another software would be best to try?  Whom  among our members might be able to assist me with my endeavors?
I appreciate any assistance you might provide.
de KB4VL k

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