I Passed

Greg Wilde AE4GW .- . ....- --. .--

I had to share I passed my General and Amateur Extra tests today.  David, Alan, Brad, Joyce, and Larry (sorry if Larry isn't the right name, I am horrible with names) thank you all so so much. I am looking forward to meeting everyone eventually and truly start learning.

If anyone is interested here are my study sources.  I used 4 sources for study and wanted to share in case you have anyone that this might help.  HAM College is excellent if you or someone you know is struggling.

1.  ARRL study guides (hand-delivered to my house by David Andrews, lol)
2.  Ham Radio Prep https://hamradioprep.com/ this is great to get into the course but not really necessary if you do the HAM College.  It is more about teaching you to pass the test.
3.  Ham College on youtube. They have courses for Technician, General and Amateur Extra.  I did not know about them for my Technician.This is a fantastic course.  They don't just teach you to pass the test.  They have handouts, study tips, exact           steps to process formulas on a calculator, formula sheets, sources for the many avenues with HAM, etc. The Extra course expires at the end of June so if someone wants to do it, START NOW.  There are about 30 hours of video just for the Extra.        https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI3DKjqB4OLY2UXm2KqDpwQ
4.  Finally HamStudy.org for practice tests.  They have great apps for phones, tablets and a website.  It tracks every question and shows your weaknesses.  When you take a test you can immediately study the question pool where you were week.           Each question has a detailed explanation you can open with hints. Invaluable in my opinion.  https://hamstudy.org/

If anyone is interested in just the handouts, etc from the HAM College let me know as I have it all in Dropbox.

Sorry if this information has already been posted.

Thanks again to everyone.


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