Re: Source for terminated coax patch cables?


If you want to get pre fabbed jumpers good (but definitely not cheap) ones are from ABR Industries sold by Ham Radio Outlet.

A friend of mine has also had good luck with a place called "MPD Digital".  They are available on Amazon or direct.

On 1/21/2020 2:24 PM, George N2APB wrote:

I've been chasing ghosts lately while using existing/old coax cables to patch together various pieces of equipment and accessories here in the shack.  I wiggle the coax connections and get very disturbing results (scratching, open, shorts, etc).  So it's time to bite the bullet and gets some new coax patch cables.

Looking for recommendations of a good/inexpensive source for 4' and 8' lengths of RG8-class cables terminated in PL259 plugs.  Just running HF at power levels of 100W, so the demand isn't too great ... Just looking for some places where you all might have had good experience.

Thanks in advance.

73, George N2APB


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