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Oh sorry everyone for the extra messages.  I thought I was replying to Juan directly.

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Yes I would say fast blow as well.  I checked AutoZone for you and they only have the 32V variety, and are pretty expensive for a glass fuse.

Home Depot says they have them in stock cheap...I'd stop there on the way home sometime:

P.S.  In the past I looked "why does it matter what the voltage rating is on a fuse" and it's as I suspected.  When the fuse melts in a short situation that plasma generated in the fuse conducts electricity so the circuit really isn't broken.  The voltage rating means at full voltage they are tested to break the circuit reliably.


On 1/10/2020 7:46 AM, Juan Lopez wrote:
I assuming fast blow 10 A fuses. Do you think Auto Zone has them?

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Ah yes thanks David; this month with 5 Wednesdays must have thrown me off when I looked at the calendar.  Please note both references of 1/22 changed to 1/15; the rest is as-is.

On 1/9/2020 9:22 PM, David Schoenherr wrote:
Just a quick note.  Our meeting should be on the 15th.

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Hello everyone!  This is an announcement to give everyone a heads up that the CQ WW CW 160m contest is coming soon, and we'll be doing it by God's Cozy Acres this year!  We did the ARRL 160m contest out at GCA a few years ago and took the top low-power category for our area.  The fun thing about the 160m contest is that it is more casual than the others, and it gets you operating on a band that you probably don't have set up at home.  It runs from 5PM Friday 1/24 to 5PM Sunday 1/26.

As previewed in the last TLARC newsletter, for planning purposes (while David, Juan, and I work on it) we are looking for an estimate of those who are available and interested in participating that fourth weekend.  Please read through the rest of this message and send an email to randykgm@... by Friday night Jan 17th if you can make it one or both nights.

The location is on the West side of Loudon County.
Turn at the red banner that leads to a gate:
2315 Big Sandy Road
Philadelphia, TN  37846
GPS driveway coords: 35.689348°N; -84.519958°W

Some things to discuss at our meeting that is coming up on Wednesday 1/15 after we get a head count:
1.    160m is consistently an 'after dark' band.  We'll be setting up on Friday around 1PM until the contest starts at 5PM.  The daytime will primarily be local contacts and practice.
2.    You don't need to be a CW expert in decoding or sending code for this contest.  There will be a logging PC also decoding CW along with the radio display showing decoded CW--if you want to use it.  WinKeyer is used to send code from the computer.  We'll have all of the equipment there for you; just show up.
3.    If you want to send your own code, I'll have a Vibroplex traditional paddle there.  You can also bring your own bug, keyer, or even straight key if you like.
4.    We're going to be using a beverage RX antenna this year to benefit from the low noise background that this antenna provides. This is in addition to the one or two other TX antennas.
5.    We'll be using one of Juan's Ameritron 1KW amps this time.  Multi-op for this contest is high power only and you'll get to see what high power is like (most helpful on low bands such as 160m with more noise).
6.     The small building is heated and has space for sleeping, a small kitchen, and bathroom.  The large building is prepped for winter so we'll just use/heat the top floor this time.  As such, we're not doing a picnic but will think about one for spring/summer.
7.    GCA is around a 1/2hr drive for most of us.  If you plan on operating late, we can sleep in the smaller building and either go home later or stick around until dusk the next day.  Sunday will likely not get us many more points and can be used as a take down day unless someone's interested in operating at the end--let me know.

More to follow on the meeting 1/15.  Hope to see you there and remember to send an email at randykgm@... soon if you can make it.  (If not available or interested this time please disregard this email.)

Randy WK9M

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