Portable PSK station at Boy Scout JOTA event

George N2APB

FYI ... In light of our presentation of "Field Ops" at the meeting last week, I just had to share this feedback I got today from a ham whom I helped set up a PORTABLE DIGITAL STATION for the Boy Scouts JOTA.

See attached photo.  He's using a NUE-PSK Digital Modem (stand-alone PSK31, RTTY and Morse modem) being used with the station's Yaesu FT-xxx rig in the suitcase.

The NUE-PSK Digital modem was passed around during the meeting, and featured in the handout of the "Pedestrian Mobile" article from CQ Magazine.

73, George N2APB


George, this summer you assisted me with some tips and new cables to create a PSK demonstration at JOTA. It went well! Thank you for your time. The scouts enjoyed it. I attached a pic of one of the set ups and scout using it. Thought you would like to see it your gear in action.


Thomas M. Bingham, KC9KOA


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