Minutes and October meeting announcement

David Andrews

Hello everyone,


In an effort to procrastinate and avoid mowing the lawn, I broke a record and produced the meeting minutes from last night. Pay attention to the dates, some are happening tomorrow.


The October meeting will be a departure from the past. We will meet at 6:00 PM at the Chota Rec Center for dinner. Pizza and drinks will be provided by TLARC. For those of you who usually partake of the pre-meeting gathering, there won’t be a need to rush to the meeting after eating!! We’ll then start the meeting at 7:00 with a different agenda.


Do you have a gadget you built or use in your shop you’d like to let others know about? Some home brew thingy, hand me down, or neat gadget you picked up somewhere that others should know about? Pack it up and bring it to the meeting. You’ll have the floor to talk about it. If this proves to be a popular activity, we might repeat it from time to time.




David Andrews, N1ESK

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