Sad news

David Andrews

I received this post from my friends in New England this morning.


Joseph's shack....

Hello Everyone,

With great regret, I'm emailing all IRS members past and present to pass along some sad news. On Saturday, 7/27, Joseph  Areyzaga/K1JGA was killed in a tower accident in Deerfield, NH. Also injured in this tragedy was Michael Rancourt/K1EEE ... no further information was available on Mike's condition. From what I understand, Joe was assisting Mike in disassembling the tower when it collapsed causing both of them (while wearing safety harnesses) and the tower to crash to the ground.

I never met Joe but his presence on the 85 repeater will certainly be missed by all of us. Please join me in conveying our deepest condolences to Joe's family and friends.

If I receive any updates on Mike's condition or funeral arrangements for Joe, I will be sure to pass the information along.


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