Re: Field Day 2018 Photos

Juan Lopez

Good deal George. I noticed a few minors things that need modification. 

(1) Remove the blurry photos, they do not add value.

(2) Delete duplicate pictures

(3) Contact Brent and get his photos. Especially important is the group staged photo with the dignitaries. That should be the splash page photo. Include our club callsign on the photo, date, and location (Loudon County EOC).

You might include a caption below the photo to ID the people in it, ask Brent to provide that information.

(4) Create a link on the side with a label called TLARC Events, and subcategorize them by year.

I will get you the photos from 2017 Field Day.

Keep up the great work.

Juan, AC6ZM

From: <> on behalf of George N2APB <n2apb@...>
Sent: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 10:54 PM
Subject: [TLARC] Field Day 2018 Photos
Thanks to Mike K4MJF, we now have all our photos from this summer's Field Day outing on our website ...

Thanks Mike!

73, George N2APB

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