Atlanta Hamfest CANCELLED!

Sam Howard

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From: Sharron Fritts <ssfritts@...>
Date: Thu, May 23, 2019 at 23:01
Subject: Atlanta Hamfest CANCELLED!
To: Eric KK4DKW <kk4dkw@...>, Thomas KD4STT <kd4stt@...>, Sharron W4WIF <ssfritts@...>

Hello fellow Hams:
Just in case any of you were planning on going to the Atlanta Hamfest June 1, it has been confirmed that it has been cancelled for this year.   I was told the reason is due to problems with remodeling at the location that won't be completed in time for the event.3
Get the word out.    Brad,  could you pass it along to the TLARC Club as well.  
Sharron W4WIF

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