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Good evening, TLARC. 

I appreciate the thoughtful proposals from both Allan and David and understand the time constraints we face in getting something codified into the ACC Blue Book. With that in mind, I'd like to toss in a few comments from the perspective of a relatively recent arrival to Tellico Village. 

I purchased a building lot about 12 years ago and was reasonably certain that I'd be dealing with the usual covenants and restrictions, including a ban on outside antennas. I wasn't too concerned because I'd already been reasonably successful with both attic and stealthy outdoor antennas for a number of years at my former QTH in Wisconsin. I figured that I'd continue that practice here.

When my wife and I were preparing to build, by sheer luck I made contact with Allan and he was a goldmine of information. I was pleased to find that the ACC Blue Book mentioned outdoor antennas without including the dreaded words "not permitted". Even though it seemed apparent that the reference was to satellite dishes and small television OTA receiving antennas, I figured that a wire dipole or similar antenna would likely receive little scrutiny. The worst case scenario might be a flagpole antenna or other stealthy solution. 

I now see an opportunity to perhaps broaden the spectrum of acceptable antennas and eliminate the ambiguity of the current Blue Book verbiage. I think what Allan has proposed is a good solution that won't raise too many eyebrows and will allow us to demonstrate that we are good neighbors who won't be putting up 40 foot towers and tribanders throughout the Village. David's proposal would be a great follow-on when we next have an opportunity for revisions to the Blue Book.

As long as we are able to put up wire antennas and the usual array of verticals, subject to the visual restrictions Allan has noted, we should be able to successfully enjoy our hobby without fear of being outed by a neighbor. If the dream is to be able to have a tower and directional antenna - well, maybe that's something that the club might want to explore either at a location outside POA jurisdiction or within the Village with formal POA approval.

73, Jim - K0RGI

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Breaking the antenna section into two parts may well make sense and avoid confusion.

OTARD per the FCC and ARRL only appies to COMMERCIAL SERVICES.  While it does show the willingness of the FCC to relax rules against commercial installations, the Commission declined to make the rules apply to amateur radio.  Hence the origin of the PARITY ACT.  I just reconfirmed this with Dan Henderson at ARRL HQ. 

So we are back to pushing for as much as we can get without [hopefully] pushing too far that we are ignored.  I wish we had lots of time but we are constrained to do what we can in this revision cycle.  Realize an opportunity to "slip in" a revision may not come for years.  We have at least until June 6th.

I await your comments, revisions etc.

73 and thanks,

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