Re: Antenna restrictions

John Haskell <jasm2213@...>


Breaking the antenna section into two parts may well make sense and avoid confusion.

OTARD per the FCC and ARRL only appies to COMMERCIAL SERVICES.  While it does show the willingness of the FCC to relax rules against commercial installations, the Commission declined to make the rules apply to amateur radio.  Hence the origin of the PARITY ACT.  I just reconfirmed this with Dan Henderson at ARRL HQ. 

So we are back to pushing for as much as we can get without [hopefully] pushing too far that we are ignored.  I wish we had lots of time but we are constrained to do what we can in this revision cycle.  Realize an opportunity to "slip in" a revision may not come for years.  We have at least until June 6th.

I await your comments, revisions etc.

73 and thanks,

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