Small Battery for Portable Ops

George N2APB

I have a small, new-in-the-box, "Viking" Lithium-Ion power pack (battery) from Harbor Freight that is perfect for powering a low-power transceiver (HF or vhf/uhf), charging your HT or cell phone out in the field, or for use as a strong flashlight.

It's rated at 12,000 mA-hr capacity and claims to also being able to jump start your car (which is all specmanship), but it works great for our ham radio purposes.  Being Lithium-based, it charges fast, has no "memory" on capacity, and delivers full power up to a cliff drop-off point.  

(I already have one like this and it powers my QRP radio (FT-817) all day long on receive as I do the day job here in the shack.  I wanted another as a backup, so I took advantage of a good deal from Harbor Freight.  Meanwhile, I purchased a different battery (LiFePO4 chemistry), which is more expensive and greater size and capacity but it suits my needs a bit better ... which is why I now want to sell this Viking power pack ... below cost.)

Anyway, it's item # 62749 at Harbor Freight <> and a photo of the battery is attached here.  As you see, it's on sale for $64 (regularly $79) ... but you can buy it from me for $50.  The box has never been opened, and also contains a nice carry case, and some hand jumpers & adapters.  I'm here' in Tellico Village for quick 'n easy pickup.  No shipping charge! ;)

Let me know if interested.

73, George N2APB
n2apb <at> verizon <dot> net

PS:  Our club president has one of these Viking power packs and likes using it.  I stand behind it as well. 

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