Kenwood TS-520 SSB Transceiver Available

Brad (the Voice of the Village) Berger

Fellow TLARC members,

In my possession is a Kenwood TS-520 transceiver in the box. It covers 3.5 - 29.7 MHz (80 thru 10 meters) and has an internal power supply and I have a mic for it.
Here is more detailed information:

It has been recently tested by fellow TLARC member Dave Johnson AE0E and here are his findings:



Power output on the TS520 in CW is as follows (into a dummy load).  It appears the finals (6146 tubes) are probably okay though extended use for several hours would be a better test.  (Power drop as frequency goes up is fairly typical).  I also looked at the transmit signal with my spectrum analyzer and it looks clean. 


80 Meters: 103 Watts

40 Meters: 98 Watts

20 Meters: 93 Watts

15 Meters: 89 Watts

10 Meters: 83 Watts

If anyone can use this radio for themselves, they may have it. The intent is for you to get on-the-air and not someone else or for it to be sold. Let me know if you're interested.  Brad  KM4OJK

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