Re: Good small Li-ion battery for the radio "go pack"


Just curious and for others' info here,

Do you know if the jump start outlet is on all of the time (DMM shows voltage present) or if it is turned on with the button does it stay on until you turn it off again?

I looked at the connector for the alligator clips and this is a small battery pack with my favorite radio control high power plug on it (called the EC5).  The alligator clip end is the Female charger/ESC end:

I use a larger Lithium battery for higher power operation and you could do the same with this battery as well if for short use and the plug stays on.

Am debating whether I need one for the car at that price.  :)


On 3/4/2019 5:13 PM, George N2APB wrote:

I received a monthly flyer from Harbor Freight, and there on page 6 was a coupon for my favorite DC power gadget, the Viking lithium-ion jump starter and power pack, item #62749.  The price is $20 off with the coupon, which is a 25% savings over the regular price ... Harbor Freight "Viking" Lithium Battery ... <>


Coupon number is: 75749465, and is valid until March 31st.


Aside from the automotive use, this is a very nice, reasonably lightweight battery pack and might be just the ticket for your rigs when being taken to the field.  The pack has a special port for automotive use, and a fairly standard port for 12 VDC, good for 6A and a 5 VDC USB port good for 2 A.  It also has an LED flashlight.  Comes with a zippered carry case, AC charger, DC charge cord with cigar lighter plug, a cord with cigar lighter socket, and a USB to 30 pin and micro USB.


So, there's a lot in this package.  I have no connection with the company, other than many of us in the QRP community being very satisfied customers.  BTW, they are supposed to hold an 80% charge for a year, which is good, since many SLAB jump packs need monthly charging to be sure they will work when needed.  (I always let mine go and have to get another.)

73, George N2APB

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