New repeater on the air...….


Hi all,


I got this message from KC4NX…..and thought I would pass the information along.


Please test out the new SMARC UHF repeater and post your signal reports here, to provide an idea of the coverage.  


We're interested in how well you are hearing and getting into the repeater, your location during the test,  your power output, type of antenna and antenna height above ground level.  Examples: 50W mobile on the street with roof mounted antenna; 25W base station with omni antenna at 30ft, 5W handheld with rubber duck antenna inside your home, etc.


The new machine supports Yaesu System Fusion C4FM digital mode, as well as conventional FM mode.  


Any make of radio is compatible.  Yaesu System Fusion (YSF) digital signals are repeated in digital mode, and FM signals are repeated in FM mode.  Mode selection is automatic.  


Coverage so far appears quite good from this new site.  Looking forward to more signal reports and usage by SMARC members and others. 


Thanks and enjoy your new club repeater. 




Kurt Meltzer KC4NX


Thanks for your time and interest.



Mike, K4MJF


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Michael J. Foley, K4MJF
Tellico Lake Amateur Radio Club Vice President
Smoky Mountain Amateur Radio Club
470 ARG

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