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Juan Lopez



Good Question, FT8 is not a mode authorized for points in the TNQP. There is no provision to send the proper exchange. Out-of-state operators send signal report and state (not ARRL section) while in-state sends signal report and the four letter abbreviation for county. If you are on a county line, you can send all the counties (sometimes 2-3). Digital modes allowed are RTTY, PSK31, FSK441, JT6M, etc. because they can accommodate these exchanges during the TNQP. Hope that clarifies the FT-8 question for you.






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It looks like you can get points using FT8.  I looked on the site but I couldn’t find any information on how to configure WSJTX for the contest.  Would you know where to find that information?  I am not sure how the four letter county abbreviation works with the FT8 exchange.


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