Re: Radio Repeater Settings

Jacob Lindsey ( KN4YAV ) and Kayla Lindsey ( KO4DEG )

If im correct D023 is the dcs and the N stands for normal. Where you could replace N with I(i) it would be inverted, kind of doubling the amount of dcs' available.

I believe chirp will read DCS as possibly 
DTCS?  Or even possibly CDCSS.

Does this help any?

Jacob Lindsey

On Wed, Aug 11, 2021, 10:41 cmpdeyo2 via <> wrote:
Good morning, I am working on setting up cheap retivis radios to work on our Police Department repeater (these are for the security guard repeater).  I have come across the information for RX TX frequency but it lists D023N and D023N i assume that is the tone and squelch but i don't have that on the CHIRP software.  Any help figuring out this puzzel would be appreciated.


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