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Barry Johnson K8NWB

Cool !!

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On Sunday, July 11, 2021, 10:44:56 AM EDT, George N2APB <n2apb@...> wrote:

FYI … I discovered a great method of creating labels on the computer that can be printed and applied to homebrew project boxes. I saw a tip in a recent Electric Radio article that pointed to the method that KG7TR uses on all his cool boatanchor projects … using WATER TRANSFER DECALS. 

He uses Visio (or any graphics program like PowerPoint) to design labels for Power, On, Off, Volume, AGC, etc. Then he prints them to a laser/inkjet printer using a product called laser “classic” clear water slide sheets come from  Then he carefully cuts out the labels, soaks them in a small dish of warm water and applies them to the panel. Pat them dry and spray the panel with Krylon to protect. You can see details on the website below under the heading of “home brewing tips”. 

So just as we put labels on model airplanes in the 60s, we can do it today on project panels, chassis, circuit boards and more.  Looks much better that just printing to transparent slides and pasting to a panel. 

Sample work …

73, George N2APB

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