Re: Come join us for TLARC Field Day 2021


I'm going to be there on Friday around Noon myself and plan to be there until Dinner as I will likely end up working the late night shift Saturday (12AM-6AM) and could use a helper or two.  Past history has shown a light crew available after midnight.  :)

If you get KK6OKU's Chameleon setup off the North balcony and Juan's hex or A4S on the ARES tower done before Noon (the hex is suggested) that will just leave the Carolina Windom and my Chameleon to setup when I arrive.  KF4DKW and I walked the beverage antenna already and it just required minor trimming.

One part of Field Day that is often forgotten is the take down when it's done.  If you are around Sunday at 2PM please also consider coming out for a little bit to help take down and clean.  I've taken down antennas myself after FD but it goes really slow.

Hope to see you there!


On 6/20/2021 9:07 PM, Mikeljay wrote:
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